To create a story through materials is my vision as an artist. I seek to represent the mysticism and grace of nature by juxtaposing the luminosity of glass with natural objects that are whittled with time. Glass is a material that is alive within a space ever changing with the light. With glass, I utilize translucency, opacity, and texture (created by multiple firings and schedules) to create visual elements that maximize the play of light to suggest something beyond natural, beyond the human hand. By interweaving my glass with found objects that have a patina of time on them, often rust and driftwood, I construct a story of regeneration, where beauty and decay flourish together.

My art is the expression of interwoven truths; the way I’m moved by the beauty of nature, the way my heart breaks at its destruction, the cost of convenience, but above all my art is an homage to nature’s ability to transcend and build anew.